Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Rifkin are committed to improving the environmental consequences of their construction and related activities in a manner, which will not be harmful to the environment and in accordance with their legal obligations.

The Environmental Policy statement (‘The Policy’) which shall be subject to continual reviews, outlines the present policy and procedures for implementing the overall objectives of:

Integrating and giving consideration to the environmental issues involved in all Rifkin activities.

Ensuring that any pollution or risk of pollution from any activity whatsoever is identified as part of the Integrated Pollution (IPC) system and either eliminated or reduced in accordance with the principle of using ‘best available techniques not entailing excessive cost’ (BATNEEC)

To ensure that all statements or directives from the Environment Agency or other enforcing or regulator bodies are received and monitored and where necessary implemented.

To conduct  Rifkin operations so as to comply willingly with all relevant hours, regulations and standards for the time being in force and co-operate with and assist the enforcing and regulatory authorities.

We are currently working towards ISO 1400 to comply with the recently revised  Equality Legislation (2010)

Equality Policy

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